LIVE STREAMING of the ceremony

Let friends and family know they can WATCH THE CEREMONY LIVE on our website.

Social Media Wall

Before and after your ceremony, the projectors in the Montagne Center will show LIVE social media messages posted to #LamarUGrad17. Take a selfie with your fellow graduates, thank your parents for supporting you, or simply give a shout out to your supporters in the stands.

The social media wall will accept messages posted to #LamarUGrad16 on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Vine, Flickr, and Tumblr. Make sure your privacy settings allow you to post publicly to the hashtag.

Arts and Sciences Commencement Program

Business Commencement Program

Education and Human Development Commencement Program

Engineering Commencement Program

Fine Arts and Communication Commencement Program

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Commencement Decorum

Commencement is an important academic ceremony at institutions of higher education and a significant milestone for the graduates. Students and their guests are expected to maintain decorum that is befitting a public event of special significance. As commencement exercises are formal, Lamar University events, graduates are expected to adhere to the university's policy on appropriate attire.

Commencement is a formal ceremony where decorum and respect for the established customs of academic enhances the experience for both graduates and their guests. Therefore, in accordance to decades of academic tradition, Lamar University students, guests and the platform party are asked to observe the following:

  • Graduates and guests must arrive as scheduled to attend their ceremonies.
  • Venue doors open and guest seating begins one hour prior to the start of the ceremony. Should another ceremony still be underway, guests are asked to wait until that group has departed to find their seats.
  • All attendees should remain seated during the ceremony and to remain for the entire ceremony out of respect for all graduates.
  • Cell phones and all other electronic devices should be silenced.
  • The possession or use of alcohol, noisemakers such as air horns, fireworks, balloons, flags, confetti, banners, selfie sticks or illegal substances is strictly prohibited. This list is not comprehensive. If a device is disruptive to the other guests or graduates it will not be allowed in the arena or on the floor.
  • Any graduate or guest who is excessively disruptive during a ceremony will be escorted from the venue.