Wireless Network Access

Accessing LU Wireless Networks

Lamar University has wireless network connectivity for students, faculty and staff. Approximately 80-85% of campus buildings have a wireless presence in the building. Two wireless networks are available on campus.

Open Wireless - LU Big Red

Access the available Internet connections from your computer and select 'LU Big Red.' Click "CONNECT". You will be connected to Lamar’s open wireless connection.  Please note that certain on-campus web pages will not be accessible via this connection due to IT security policies. If you need to access such web pages, you will need to download the VPN client and use the Cardinal network.

Secure Wireless - Cardinal

To access Cardinal WIFI, you must download and install the VPN (Virtual Private Network) Client to provide a secure connection between networks. It is used to access certain programs and services from Lamar that require a secure connection when you are not on campus.