Fire Evacuation

All employees should familiarize themselves with the location of stairs and emergency exits within the buildings in which they work. In addition, they should learn the locations of the fire extinguishers in the building and learn how to operate these extinguishers. Following are the standard procedures for use in case of fire emergency evacuation instructions that are applicable to most campus classroom and administrative buildings that do not have more than two floors. If the building in which you work has special building evacuation procedures, you should study these in advance of any emergency.


  • If you discover a fire in a building, activate the nearest fire alarm pull station. If no fire alarm is available, immediately notify occupants of the building to evacuate the building.
  • Telephone the Lamar Police by dialing ext. 8311 on any campus telephone. Tell the dispatcher the location and nature of the fire. The dispatcher will call the Beaumont Fire Department on their special direct line, and dispatch all available police and maintenance units to assist in evacuation of the building.
  • If the fire has not spread from its point of origin, attempt to extinguish the fire using fire extinguishers. However, "Safety of Life" is the prime concern.
  • Do not attempt to extinguish a fire in a laboratory or a chemical fire unless you know what chemicals are involved and have been trained in the correct procedures and types of extinguishers to be used for fighting such fires. "Safety of Life" remains the prime concern.
  • Do not reenter an evacuated building until you have been advised that it is safe to do so.

Other Instructions

If you have knowledge of what chemicals are present at the location of a fire, or of other hazards near a fire, tell a Lamar University/Institute police officer or fire department personnel on the scene, and remain available to give further assistance if needed.