Get Involved

Board Membership

  • Freshman and sophomore Lamar University students are eligible to apply for a volunteer position on the Student Activities Board.
  • You must be a registered Lamar University student with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 to apply for paid positions.

  • Executive Board positions are paid leadership positions. Applications are taken at various times depending on the number of open positions.

Lamar Alive Student Activities Board is here to serve our students and we respect and value your opinions. We want to know your ideas and suggestions so we can make your college experience even more exciting. A new idea, an opinion about a past or upcoming event, or even a suggestion for a movie to be shown, we’d love to hear it. Does your campus organization have an idea for a program? We may co-sponsor it with you. Give us a call!

We're always accepting applications to volunteer with Lamar Alive!